We went to the beach

We went to the beach

You are not fooled, I have always received only girls, 5 in total. And then I told myself that next time, I will accept to host a guy, to change, why not. Leave not to fuck, we can always go out, booze, play the console, smoke joints, invite the world to the apartment etc.

And that’s how I met Damien, 26 years old and passing through the region, looking for a “place where to create” and meet people to go out a little. He was there for a job interview and could not find a hotel in the area and then landed at my house for 3 nights just to visit the area …

He arrived on Friday night. We spent the evening talking about this and that, drank the beers he had brought, the flow went well and soon a complicity settled. I noticed over the course of the evening that he was well mannered and dressed a little more “fashion than normal” but it does not matter. He was charming, a little taller than me, beautiful smile and … very beautiful torso … When at bedtime, he took off his shirt to go take a shower, I could not help but fix his chest, I found him beautiful, smooth, perfect, I envied him. I think (and knew later) that he noticed it. Also by heterosexual virility reflex, I then spoke a little about the “girls” and all that goes around.

We went to the beach the next day and in the evening we went out to tour the local bars. We met some friends and strangely his side effeminately effeminate disappeared in their presence. We returned to the intimacy of romantic relationships and he told us about some friends among many others. Astonished, I tell myself that eventually he was either lying or homosexual but did not know it yet.

We went back to closing. Drunk (the word is weak) certainly but mostly quite tactile on his way back. Once again his manners reappeared and with the alcohol his laughter had become without the shadow of an unduly gay doubt. Like to send me a message. And since the message was received, I allowed myself to ask him if he was not “a little gay on the edges”:
– “Are you going to put me out if I answer yes? He asked me smiling, knowing in advance what my answer would be.
– “Of course yes,” I said ironically. “But no, I do not care, you worry”

He laughed and explained to me that he had had girlfriends in the past but had preferred men for a few years now.

– ” and you ? He asked me.

That’s true. And me ? I explained to him then that I had at the university a gay friend who spoke to me about his little adventures but the poor one, without being really repulsive, was in any case not good enough to rock me on the other side. I envied, however, this sexual freedom (apparent) to be able to fuck when he wanted, so much the homosexuals tend not to do in the feeling and seek the pleasure above all and not having to be bored to have to seduce and promise the moon to a girl to finally sleep with.

– “Too bad, you’re cute,” he told me with a smile.
– “Haha. You really remind me of my gay friend, “I replied.

We arrived at the apartment and neither of us wanted to go to bed. We smoked a joint, then took a shower and then hers. He went out in a towel, time to find a boxer. I wanted to touch his chest. I suddenly wanted to take him in my arms and touch his buttocks. It was new to me. I had already thought of having a relationship with a guy, “why not,” but never had I gone beyond thinking and when I tried to watch gay movies on the internet, it disgusted me and cut me off desire. The actors were simply disgusted and the way filmed was too “brutal” in my eyes.

While he was still in a towel, I invited him to come on TV and select a movie to watch. He approached and I could see a bump under the towel. He sat between the TV and the sofa where I sat. I wanted to pull the towel, pull the towel, pull the towel … and that’s what I did!

I pulled on his briefcase, which fell and left my guest naked. His cock was almost horizontal. Same size as mine. Shaved … like mine. But she seemed different. I had never seen another guy’s sex so close and so long. In the showers generally, I did not look at other people’s dicks, at least I was looking away; and to be honest, it was probably a long time since high school that I had not seen other cocks than mine in real life.

He smiled and asked me what I was doing. But rather than wait for my answer that did not come, he approached me. I sat on the couch and him standing, his cock was up to my face. He was moving slowly. And when it was not.

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