Covered with sperm

Covered with sperm

The heat accumulated under my comforter was becoming stuffy, but I absolutely did not have to wake up my cousin. I had just taken refuge next to it after having a terrifying nightmare, as I almost never did. I thought that at 13 years old such dreams no longer existed, but I was so afraid that joining my cousin of 16 years seemed to me the most reassuring thing. I was sweating profusely and then regretted coming to sleep at my aunt’s without my parents.

Not finding sleep, still tormented by my dream, I began to look at my peaceful cousin. It must be known that it is a beautiful brunette girl, of average size which has an athletic body and very well formed. We are welded, so the fact of taking refuge in his bed should not cause him any problems.

As I watched her, I noticed that she was wearing shorts that were very short and tight, I recognized him, because that’s the one she wears when she comes to sleep at home. At the top, she had a top that covered her generous chest, in the first place I could not know if she had anything under, but when she turned in her bed, her breasts swayed too much to be supported.

Fortunately she slept, because despite my age, I already knew the solitary pleasure and seeing this, my penis became very hot and erect. I found it strange to bend seeing my cousin, but I put it on the back of puberty.

As I tried to go back to sleep, she jumped in her dream that brought out one of her breasts aside, I saw with my own eyes, for the first time in my life, a breast of a young woman. I could discover the famous nipples, they were pink and rather large, they were also bordered by pale pink areolas.

A sensation of intense pleasure came over me and I almost did not feel my sex. I had only one idea in mind: to feel her breast that offered itself to me. But this idea quickly left my mind, when she turned completely on her stomach. I began to lower my boxer and masturbate. When it came time to ejaculate, it was so strong that a jet reached his shorts.

I began to panic, so I resigned myself to discreetly rub the task on his right buttock. I began to rub … then to caress … then to grab his ass. My penis was even bigger and tense than before and my cousin was fast asleep, so much that she did not realize what I was doing.

In the excitement, I lowered my pajamas to mid-thigh, letting me discover tanned buttocks and even more plump than I imagined. She had a little black thong burrowing between her buttocks. The show was so beautiful that a second ejaculation took place. In orgasm I let out a small groan mingling pleasure and surprise because his ass was now covered with sperm.
Unfortunately, she woke up at that moment. Despite an attempt at concealment, she caught me in the act and I did not expect more …

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