Extraordinary sex

Extraordinary sex

I ask her to lean a little forward, so as to bring out her pussy behind her ….. so that I can take pictures and make a small video at the time of penetration … … She obeys me well and leans forward ….. the camera starts to crackle … …
I ask him to hold the queue just at the entrance of her pussy, for my photos ….
Then having put in video mode, I told him to penetrate the big cock in her, for my video … ..

She starts rubbing along her pussy with the big penis all purplish, which begins to spread the big lips …. it soaks wet, it slips all alone between her lips …. Vincent him, waiting impatiently, that his cock enters her pussy to start the come and go …. I see her firmly hold the cock, and make small pushes down, to impaled gradually … slowly …. .. on the sex of Vincent … … I think she is afraid of getting hurt, because it goes by small pushes, firmly holding the machine in his left hand ……

Once she feels that it will fit well without problem, and that the passage is done
she stands up and impales herself completely on his cock, making herself come and go … …. she still takes care of dosing with her legs, her come and go, so that the tail of Vincent, do not type not in the back of her vagina … .. Her eyes are closed, and she thinks of nothing but taking pleasure … …. I then ask him to lean forward, and Vincent to accelerate the movement, holding her by the buttocks ….. while controlling not to bang at the bottom of her pussy ….

Marie is now on him, leaning forward, resting on his arms, and she kisses Vincent, who takes her on the buttocks, and accelerates the movement ……. Marie suddenly, starts to moan very loudly , and immediately after she squirts on the tail of Vincent ……. This one, feeling that Marie spurts on him and enjoys, accelerates again …….. which has the effect of making Marie squirt again louder, and this time, she enjoys very hard pushing tigresses … … her enjoyment is at its peak … … I’m behind the head of Vincent and Marie, and I watch her cum, with her big nostrils open, his mouth pinched, and his little cries … …..

She can not help herself and her cries fill the hotel room !!!!!!!
I’m afraid at any moment, someone knocks on the door … …. Then it’s Vincent’s turn to hold small roars, when he spits and enjoys, in his condom …. (which only happens to half of her sex !!) I am at the height of excitement, to see this huge cock that has spread the pussy to my wife …… I have not stopped bending , and I ask Marie to turn my ass, so I take it quickly on all fours … I tell him that it will go super fast …… I know it tired by these almost 2 h00 fuck three …..

As soon as she shows me her ass on all fours, I introduce myself to a single push in her pussy still gaping, Vincent’s big cock ……. I have no difficulty in entering, so she is enlarged ,,,, to see this gaping pussy, wide open, hardly I gave a few thrusts, that in turn I empty myself in her pussy … … I squirt in it so that it ends overflow under my big shots of kidney ….. I had to put only 15 to 20 seconds, to empty me
in her beautiful pussy all gaping …..

We all slumped on the bed, tired by this good fuck session three …..
My fantasy was finally realized …. I had just seen a huge cock in her mouth and Marie’s pussy …… a pure treat …… pure happiness for me … AND FOR HER !!!!! as she told me by driving back to our home ….

We are still dating trios with another man, but we have not met a man as well hung as Vincent …… His sex was almost twice my length and 1.5 times in thickness !!!!!!
Sometimes with Marie, we look together at the photos and the video of us with Vincent, and we make well-informed comments on the enormity of this extraordinary sex.

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