Gives him compliments on his body

Gives him compliments on his body

For years, I thought of it from time to time, because my sex is not very imposing, about 14 cm X 4 cm … .. not enough to fill thoroughly her pretty pussy she has wide enough and deep. …..

I introduced him to super well-endowed men, including one, for his first trio
who already had a great sex of 22 cm X 5cm … .. !!!! but for my wildest dreams, I still wanted something more huge ….

So I started posting ads on specialized sites, on the net, and I searched …… long …. knowing his tastes by heart, there was always
a detail that was wrong … or he was a little bald (she does not like) ….
or too hairy …… or paunchy … … or sex not impressive enough for my taste … …
or not a pleasant face … .. (she likes very beautiful men) … ..

And one day … …. finally ….. I found the rare pearl !!!!!!!! A beautiful guy, young, about 35 years old …. (she had at that time 52) … .blond … ….. flat stomach ….. athletic … … and has a huge sex of 26 cm X 6 cm !!!!!! huge !!!!!!!!!! everything I had dreamed for her ….

After making contact with him, I asked him photos from head to toe !
and in return I sent him photos of Marie, my wife … … I had a lot of pictures of her naked, and even while we made love … .. despite her 52 years, as she takes care of her, she still had a perfect figure …..
Firm breasts, 90 b, flat stomach, well shaved pussy …. and nice bouncing ass to wish … ..

By mail and sms, I tell him about “habits” in love with Marie …..
Above all no sodomy … (to my regret she does not like ….), And then
do not ask him to swallow sperm, she spits again … (another regret) !

All the rest, she likes !!!!! including entering 2 cocks in her pussy, that she has very elastic …… these rules asked and accepted by my “candidate”, we agree to meet us, one night in a bar, and if he please Marie, then in a small restaurant, halfway to our two respective cities …..

The next day, I talk to Mary, but without telling him the particularity of our “candidate” … … (his huge sex), because I want to see his reaction, when she will see (or feel it) to the first time … … I show him the pictures of his face.
( she adores !! ) …. and then pictures in full, but dressed, so that she can see that he is tall and slender ….. not paunchy ….. not bearded …… The photos are perfect for him, and she asks me her age … .. 35 years old I tell her ….. she asks me if it’s not too young for her ?? if he knows about his age … I reassure her and I inform her of our appointment for the next day.

The next day, here we are by car to join our R / V ……. I try
to excite Marie by talking to her about the trio waiting for us ….. I pass her hand between her thighs, while driving carefully, and I realize that she is more than moist at the level of her pussy .. … I already savor the fateful moment or she will discover the huge “beast” of our partner …… (praying that he pleases) because it is always she who has the last word … .. it is absolutely necessary that she has the love at first sight for the new partner.

Here we are arrived at destination ……. I send an SMS to my contact, telling him that we are here, and we enter the bar of our R / V point … …. A man enough Grand gets up, I recognize his face, and he comes to meet us to welcome us …. It details Marie briefly, and sends me a big smile …. he seems to appreciate! !!!!
Marie, for her part, looks at him, and I can see that he is quite “to his liking” …

We order an aperitif, and sit at a table in a corner far enough from the bar ….
For 5 minutes we talk about everything and nothing …. if we made good road ….. time …..
etc ….. etc … … then we come to our evening …..

He then addresses Marie, and asks him if “it suits him”, and he does a little praise of his expertise with women … .. his patience ….. his attentions … .. Marie me look and wonder what I think …. I answer that it is especially her to make the decision … .. if it suits him … .. so for me it’s more than yes of course! !!! once everyone agrees, we cross the street to take a dish in a small restaurant ……. invited by our man .

For the meal I put Marie between us two, and I ask him to go up a little skirt on her thighs, so that our host, can appreciate what awaits …
She undressed at my request, 2 buttons of her blouse, thus showing the furrow between her breasts …… Vincent, our man, is delighted with the vision he has of Mary, and
gives him compliments on his body .

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