Her vagina gets ready to be penetrated

Her vagina gets ready to be penetrated

But he was also dispensed from special classes to make these girls courtesans, the most famous of whom married kings.
I’m going to tell you what was going on in those days, sheltered by thick stone walls where there was only women, except perhaps the gardener and handyman that these young ladies lowering them lower than the ground and nicknamed without knowing why the “pioneer”.
Half of this building still served as a convent, the other had a purpose a little less avouable.
But at that time, the popes were almost father to son and for women, the border between nuns and courtesans was extremely permeable.

-Hello ladies !
– Hello Mistress! Take back the class by standing up at Madame Clerc’s entrance.

The small number of students, a dozen young ladies, sits down.
Mrs. Clerc is a beautiful redhead of a little over 35 years.
She teaches these youngsters the keeps and the good-session. But of the different other courses that she dispenses, she prefers the moment when she enters the sex education class.

– We arrive at the end of the 3rd year and you will soon leave these places. From today ladies, I will discuss with you your sex education!
As she expected, some girls seem uncomfortable, squirming on their benches.

-The purpose of this course is to cultivate you and provide you with information on practices and morals. I hope you respect my orders, no skirts, nothing but a panties under your skirts!
She discovers a painting with prints of men and women naked at different stages of evolution into adulthood.

-Do not blush ladies, nudity is pure, what happens next is another debate. Society and its customs have made it a dirty thing but it is not correct.
She takes a ruler and points the end at very explicit areas of the engravings.
Some girls start to blush.
-The sex of the woman is called Vagina. That of the man is called Penis. You see the evolution of childhood then adolescence and finally to adulthood. The period of this change is called puberty.
As for animals, to procreate, it is necessary to mate. The man enters the woman’s vagina with her penis. It gives a lot of pleasure to your partner and to yourself.
-Today you will discover your bodies. It’s an awakening class sensuality and to help you, 6 young men will join us.
She goes to the door and opens it, they are there to wait, a hood on the head, all dressed in the same way as a linen shirt with a Roman number on the front and very tight pants.

-I have chosen myself these representatives of the male, I made sure that they are healthy, these peasants have vowed to keep the secret on what will take place between these walls against a comfortable remuneration. For your future, they will not see your face. Put yourself in pairs and come get one of these beautiful bucks!
-Well … Now, you will remove your dresses … I wait … Come on, we obey, they can not see you, hurry up! Then take one of their hands and put it on the front of your pants, gentlemen … to you!
Hands grope and fingers end up in the middle of immaculate white panties looking for their pubis and then start moving slightly up and down.
Jeanne exclaims while retreating:

-It tickles me !
-Small silly, get closer, he’s not going to eat you. Well, let’s continue for a few more minutes … How are you feeling?
She observes her students and stops in front of Mary:

-What can you tell us, what’s happening to you?
– I suddenly very hot and wet my panties.
– That’s right, who can explain to me what just happened to him?
-My mistress, exclaims Sophie, she wets so that her pussy is lubricated!
– Yes Sophie. Her body reacts to the caress on an erogenous zone and her vagina gets ready to be penetrated by the sex of the male.

After a few minutes :
– Well, I see you now have all wet your panties! Your vaginas are properly stimulated and are ready to be penetrated but we will approach it in another course. Now, what reaction do you observe in your knights-servants?
Each pair looks at the man between them and notices the reaction in the crotch.

-Oh, he has a lump in his pants! Lance Martine.
-Mine too !
-On number 3, she is huge! Exhausts Armelle.
-As you are observant, he has a big bump to his pants. It’s his penis that throaty with blood.
-Now men will make you discover the erogenous zones of your body. The main ones are of course your sex, more particularly the small bud in which is called the clitoris but there is an area inside each very sensitive side.

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