My sex and his are stretched

My sex and his are stretched

I do not answer him and approaches the corner of his mouth to feel all the flesh of his mouth and the moisture of his saliva. Dressed, torso against torso, sex against sex, I put my arms around his waist to force his mouth with my tongue and beautiful shovel driving engages. My sex and his are stretched through our jeans, I want to eat it, to taste it, I want my first time with a man is fantastic. With his hands, he surrounds my face as if to signify that he does not want me to give up. But I have no intention of giving up, I start to unbutton his shirt to be able to put my hand on his chest, I stroked him firmly, taking care to linger my fingers on her small breasts, I go down to to his light little brioche to touch his navel. Then I go up to his shoulders to drop his shirt and put it on the desk.

– Francois, it’s too good, I want you, I want everything from you, feel. It’s not very fair, I’m shirtless and you still have your shirt.

In my turn, Pierre unbuttons me and puts his hands, his mouth on the whole of my chest, his mouth is hot and his tongue makes me shudder. He sucks and licks my nipples like an ice cream. His soft palms run down my back and Pierre stands up to kiss me again.

– Francois, I want to see you naked!
– Pierre, I want to see you naked!

He unbuttons me the jeans, and I also remove his buttons, we caress our crotch, he slips my pants and down down my thighs to get to the bottom of my ankles, he undoes the laces of my shoes. He removes one then the other, takes one of the bottom of my jeans to get my foot and then the second. Here I am in boxing and socks.

– Now it’s up to me to undress you! he whispered in my ear.

I also slip his pants, I take off his shoes and I take advantage of being on my knees to also remove my socks. He finds himself also in boxers and socks.

– Me neither, Francois, I do not like making love in socks.

He removes them quickly.

– Because we are going to make love?
– Yes, I have wanted you for a month and believe me, I will make you love and make you enjoy as you have never enjoyed.
– Promises, promises, more promises, I said, smiling
– We said naked!
– Very well, immediately said immediately done! I blow my underpants.
– Wait, I’m naked, you!
– Your wishes granted, sir.

Fully naked, my cock is at its peak. His, like two swords that touch and beat the iron, our acorns are juxtaposed. We continue to cuddle, to intertwine to kiss like mad. None of us are worried, we are alone, it is 9 pm and our women know that we have a meeting. Pressed by no time, no obligation except that of taking pleasure. I decide to take it in hand, I want to feel his cock and dirty my mouth. I decide to kneel, her sex is facing me. Tense, beautiful, perfectly shaved, 17 to 18 cm thick, I breathe it smells good soap. I think Pierre premeditated what was going to happen. After the meeting, he went to the bathroom and had to wash the sex. What a delicate attention, which makes me even more hard.

His sex is beautiful beautiful, I caress small purses completely beard, well shaved. With my other hand, I’m gushing his foreskin. What a sweetness, a marvel, I contemplate, stroking her buttocks, the line. I kiss and put the tip of my lips on his glans, get out my tongue, caress my face with his penis, before placing beautiful kisses along her skin, I open my mouth and decided to engulf her and surprise me to make a deep throat. I think I vomit, but I love to feel it going back and forth to the bottom, he puts both hands on my head and tells me the movement to make and the pace to adopt.

– It’s so good François. Go on, “he said to me in a low, sweet voice.

I suck it again and again, he pounded my mouth. From time to time, I get out his penis and spit on to resume it again. His groans are getting higher and higher, I feel he will come. I continue my back and forth and with my hands, I hold the two apples of her buttocks to mean that I want everything. I want to feel his hot cum in my mouth, feel his cock jerk with each squirt I receive. It is close to breaking, I continue faster and faster stronger and stronger. I want it, I want it. He goes in and out, I hold him firmly and turn my tongue. It’s good to have a stem in your mouth, what excitement.

And in a last groan of pleasure, the puree arrives in my mouth, a bitter taste.

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