You are not bisexual

You are not bisexual

The cow, you’ve been slow, it’s going to be cold your coffee.
– It does not matter, and since it’s hot in my office, I’ll take the cup in my hands to warm it up.
– Anything, Francois, you take yourself for Quasar
– Quasar? I do not know !
– Forget it, it’s superhero who has the power to burn everything.
– OK, I’ll go to sleep less tonight.

– Otherwise you watched the game yesterday.
– No, I do not have the cable, plus it’s school holidays, my wife went to his parents all week in the south, with the children. As much to say that I was pissed off, a handjob and in bed!
– You’re serious
– Yes, I swear! If you want to know everything, I even masturbated thinking about you.

At that moment, I became red like a peony and I felt my heart speed up.

– Pierre, you’re going crazy, it’s time for your miss to come back.
– Listen I do not want to insist, but I’ll tell you that it’s been a month now that I imagine doing things with you.
– Well, you stop your bullshit now! I said to him in a dry tone and an angry strand.

I finish my coffee and wish him a good end of the day by closing the door of the break room quite violently. And I hardly hear Pierre tell me he’s really sorry.

Back in my office, I think back to what he told me earlier and I’m surprised to fantasize. In my head everything turns upside down a little, I speak to myself saying: François you are not bisexual, must stop, and then a man, anything! My mind is fighting against this idea of ​​sharing an intimate moment with another man. As I struggle with this idea, my email is ringing. It’s a mail from Pierre.

At the reception of it, I feel my whole body warm up with a hint of excitement and contempt for myself. Even my hand resting on the mouse shakes when opening this Outlook envelope. I just clicked and started reading.

My little Francois, I’m sorry for hitting you earlier in the break room, but it’s been over a month now that I think of you. To be honest with you, it goes back to the last squash that we did together or rather to this shower that followed. We were side by side and I was very disturbed to see you in the shower with your sex all shaved. I do not know if that day you saw me, but I looked at your sex with delight. You probably did not notice anything, but after that day, I often masturbate thinking about you, I think hold your cock in the hand, take it in my mouth and rotate my tongue. I’m really sorry to tell you all this, but I want you and before you I never had thoughts like this. Francois, I do not want to hurt you in any way and even less taint our friendship. Also, if you do not answer this message, it is as if this story had never existed and we resume our friendship without changing anything. Excuse me again, as you said earlier, I’m derailing. I wish you a good evening my little François, I leave the job to go running, just to empty my head a little. See you tomorrow at the break, I hope …

After reading his message, I was all back as if in a second state. I was both disappointed, happy, shocked and excited at the same time. I did not know what to do. Should I continue the relationship with Pierre as if nothing had happened or just break the links. I returned at night with funny thoughts. I can still hear my wife talking to me and saying:

– Are you still at work? I speak to you and you do not listen.
– Excuse me, honey! I have a supplier right now who is taking my head.

I could not tell Martine what had happened with Pierre. Nevertheless after having slept the children. I jumped on my wife, I kissed her and we made love on the couch of the living room, I even surprised myself during the 69 we made to think to taste the rod of Peter in the mouth. I was in confusion of genres.

– Honey, you want me to tell you, you can have suppliers a little com every day, because it was really good.
Then I take her in my arms and look at her, kissing her tenderly.

– Sweetheart ?
– Yes my heart.
– Have you ever fantasized about another girl?
– I think I already said yes to this question and then, you know, I read in Psychology magazine that we can not be 100% straight. Look, you are a man and you like from time to time that I caress your prostate with your finger.
– Yes, it’s true.
– Once, I did a test and I was 80% straight, so you see. But do not worry, I love you, that does not mean that I want another woman, but I fantasize a little from time to time. Why this question ? Have you been flirted by another man?
– No, anything, I just wanted to talk.

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