Further emphasizing the closeness of our bodies

Further emphasizing the closeness of our bodies

It was a boom year-end, as it exists everywhere in the student community. I had hitherto flirted with girls, we kissed each other, we said soft words, we curled gently over the clothes: the roundness of a breast in hand, the curve of a thigh over- above the skirt, the heat of a pussy protected by the same skirt and panties, the outline of a buttock. Nothing more. As for my sex, needless to say, my girlfriends did not want to hear about it, or see it, or even feel it under their hands, through the pants. It’s not that I would not have wanted, but my girlfriends had never wanted to go too far. It is also true that I was too shy to propose taking the next step.

During this evening a girl, whom I only knew by sight, attracted me, it was not that she was extraordinarily beautiful, but when she danced, she emanated from her a sensuality out of the ordinary . I offered him a first slow. In the second, his body pressed against me. I felt the roundness of her breasts weigh against my chest, her stomach against mine. His way of holding, close me tight, warmed the senses and I felt against my will, my cock swell in my pants.

I was only hoping that my rider would not notice it despite the closeness of our bodies. But it was not the case, because she came to put the top of her legs at the level of my fly. She whispered in my ear:
– I put you in such a state?
I did not dare to answer, confused to be so discovered and fearing his reaction.
“I can not leave you that way,” she continued, further emphasizing the closeness of our bodies.

Before the dance was over, she pulled me into a quiet corner where we could not be disturbed. Without being able to react, or without knowing what was really happening to me, she knelt down in front of me, slid my zip, pulled down my pants and my underpants. My tail springs like a devil from his box, very erect right erection.
I did not move and let my partner conduct the operations. I was both embarrassed by the situation and at the same time delighted with the windfall. I did not want to pass for a virgin vis-à-vis this girl who seemed so comfortable in front of the sex of a boy.

Without more ceremony, she took it in hand, caressed just a moment before bringing it to his lips and stuffing it as a treat. I felt on my shaft the heat of his mouth coming and going. Then with the tip of the tongue, she drew all the edges of my glans before traveling the entire length of the rod, from the base to the brake. With one hand she held the penis well, the other she annoyed my testicles. It was absolutely divine and I was ecstatic.
The sensation that she procured me was such, far superior to all that I could feel by wanking me, that I was not long to ejaculate.

When my jet fired, she stepped aside, avoiding the sperm that could have spilled on her. But she cleaned my penis to the last drop of my seed with a tissue before getting up and said:
– You liked ?
– Thank you very much.
– I let you pack the goods.

In her manner of speaking, she put on roughness, a confusing assurance, in which there was absolutely no feeling, no solicitude. Finally the sensuality that emanated from her, was poisonous.
However, I wanted to repeat the experience with this girl, saying that with her I could get everything I hoped for and dreamed sexually. So I went there to see two days later at home. She knew exactly what I wanted:
– You’re asking for more. Ok, so come here.
– She made me enter her room. On the walls hung pictures of women’s magazine mannequins. The peculiarity is that they were all topless. As I looked at these photos, she said to me pointing to one of them:
– How do you find that one?

– Very beautiful.
– It’s true that she has a beautiful breast. It’s rare among girls in women’s magazines. Most of the time they are flat like darts.
– Yes, it is true that this one has very beautiful forms. All you need, where you need it.
– And me, she said lifting his t-shirt, what do you think of my tits?

They appeared before my eyes, naked (she was not wearing a bra), round like grapefruit, arrogant, the tips erect. She removed the top of her garment completely and took a step towards me. She smiled maliciously.
– You do not want to touch them, to caress them.
I approached the hand, delicately pinched the red tip, then my hands appreciated the softness of the flesh, the flexibility of its beautiful baits that offered themselves to me. What a pleasure for me. They became very hard under meץ

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