Our mouths suck

Our mouths suck

It goes up the few meters that separate us still:
– Is everything ok, nothing broken?
– No, no, just a little bruised … I did not look too much the way, … your fault, I add laughing.
– My fault ?

– Yeah … I blush and throw me … I was teasing your ass back and forth, it gave me ideas and I was distracted …
– Ideas that I could have? he accompanies the request by drawing nearer still to me, his green eyes in my eyes, his mouth within reach of his lips.
I do not take the trouble to answer him, and my mouth comes to taste his. He takes me by the hips and brings me closer to him, I stick against me even more my hands on his buttocks. Really very firm her ass … My cock is already tense with the desire to feel it against me, to feel his tongue rummage me, his hands play with my nipples … My hand goes to the discovery, gently caress her sex part- on the shorts. He invites me to take it away, which I do by bending down. His hands on the shoulders force me to kneel before him, then take my head and approaching her sex still not completely excited by the adventure.

I think I guess where he is coming from; my hand flatters his balls, my tongue runs his shaft, plays with the brake, then my mouth begins to suck his cock. His cock hardens under the caresses, I alternate the movements of language and mouth, my hand goes from his balls to his rod, his hands guide my caresses, and his breathing accelerates me to think he appreciates … Perhaps too much elsewhere, because he proposes a truce, invites me to get up, and undress in my turn. It’s hard to take off my tight shorts so I band, but succeeds, and begins to masturbate with one hand, the other caressing my buttocks roughly. I also want his mouth, and encourages him to come on the side, where I start to suck and where he too takes me in his mouth. Our movements are in unison, our hands caress and then stop their ride, our mouths suck, wait, our languages ​​tickle and excite the brake … It is finally faster, more insistent and I understand that he wants pleasure now; I undertake to make myself more greedy, and my mouth almost swallows its stem, is more active, my hands pull her buttocks in me to taste better, and we enjoy together trembling with pleasure.

– I was very eager too you know he said getting dressed, and I think I’m not finished …
We finish the course as best we can, put the bikes in the car. When leaving, his hand lands on my stained shorts …
– You go home, you can take a shower and change before going home.

I agree, unwilling to go home with traces of sperm on my outfit. A little caress still on my rod that starts to ask for more, and here we go.
His wife sees us come sweaty, and invites us to use the bathrooms, asking us what a pleasure we can find to put oneself in such states … And yet we found some pleasure I say .. Marc goes up with me and shows me the bathroom of the guests, kisses me and begins to undress me. I give him his kisses while inviting him to calm down, but the presence so close to his wife does not seem to lessen his ardor …

“She’s still downstairs,” he said, triturating my ass, “and I really want you after these preliminaries.
He undresses in turn, and trains in the shower where soon after a few caresses, we are both erect. We soap each other, in soft caresses where we find ourselves everywhere; I undertake to caress her erect sex, hands slippery product, and the slippery caress raises even more her sex trembling with desire. I pretend to kneel to suck again, but he refuses.

He turns me, hands against the wall of the shower, legs open; he spreads my ass, and takes possession of my washer with a finger coated cream … He knows how to be gentle despite the excitement, then slides two fingers come and go, while his other hand is activated on my sex, his mouth kisses greedily mine … I’m very excited by his ride, and I’m about to enjoy it, his tail up against me …

But it cuts the water, trains me out of the shower , and positions me with both hands on the sink, arched buttocks offered back. I feel his cock play against my line, his hand that is coated with a gel, his penis that is more pressing against me. I see his face tense with desire in the ice, I want to feel it in me, camber more to make me more available. I invite him to take me, to fuck me, I have a crazy desire. He gently forces the passage, and the penis finally penetrates me; I relax, he takes me a little more, then more and finally finally filling meץ

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