She is tall, slender, short hair, blonde with blue eyes

She is tall, slender, short hair, blonde with blue eyes

But, darling, do not take your head for the ex of your daughter who has realized the fantasy of skipping her ex stepmom, come join me here, it’s filled with super guys who are waiting for that ! And then … And … And again … And blah and blah and blah …

– Ok, you convinced me, I will disembark this weekend.

Cathy knows me well, she always knows what to tell me to make me want what she proposes, its charm and its distribution are for many. If I had been a man, I would surely have been tempted by an adventure with her. It must be said that she has always remained pretty and thin, despite her pregnancies … Mom of two sublime teenagers, she also knew how to keep a face and a young woman’s body.
She is tall, slender, short hair, blonde with blue eyes, slender, a very small breast, certainly too small for my taste, but pretty anyway, a flat stomach, long legs, in short, everything to please a man, and a great physical resemblance to Lady Di, to make an image … She finds me a great resemblance to France Gall, or Mireille Darc, a clever mix of both, she said … But both have much more chest than these stars.
One of our former co-workers, Jacques, had the opportunity to have an affair with Cathy, then with me, who arrived three years later in the company, actually Jacques left Cathy for me, but she never wanted me because their secret relationship ended up weighing her, and that’s exactly what brought us and her closer to each other. He even said of me that I had the same body as Cathy, but with a much more “fun” chest! Funny … He could have said “awesome, important, anything in” ante “which means that it is better, but” fun “I would not have believed, even if of all the times we were found together in bed (or elsewhere) my breasts were his favorite “toys” lol.

In short, after a ten hour drive, alone by car, under a blazing sun, I finally arrive at the address introduced in my GPS to join Cathy. I think I’m wrong, here I am in front of the entrance of a beautiful villa, luxurious, vaguely reminding me of a star house, or known business leader, like the House of Tapie or DSK that goes to the news, the feeling of have already seen this house somewhere …
The portal opens and Cathy arrives on foot, dressed simply with a pareo and clappers, her little lolos topless …

– Welcome to the house of happiness, my dear, be here at home! I’ll help you settle down, show you where you can leave your car, your things, take a shower, the pool, …

– Thanks darling, oh yes, a shower would do me a lot of good, I sweated like crazy, the air conditioner of the car dropped me half way, so I did half the road in an oven with wheels …

Here I am installed in a beautiful room, with large windows overlooking a huge balcony overlooking the gardens, the pool, and especially … the sea!
New towels and small soaps, shampoos and lotions are placed on the serving near the sink, there is more than to use and run the water, enjoy it to make a cool. Taking advantage of the softness of water at ideal temperature flow on my body, I take the opportunity to let myself go to thoughts a little lustful and my hands run my body more effectively to the pleasure than rubbing my body to “hygienic” reasons …
Suddenly disturbed in full intimate thought, I am totally naked in front of a beautiful man, dark, muscular mestizo, looking quite young but very manly, just surprised me in full solitary caresses

– Excuse my intrusion Dear Madam, I did not think to find someone in this room at this time and wanted to take advantage of it to repair a defective lamp.
Still completely naked in front of him, I stop running the water, he hands me a towel that I immediately surround around my waist. Why around my waist and not above my bust? No, the towel was not too short, I realize that unconsciously I wanted to keep trying to light this boy, I’m fine, thanks to Alex, turned into a real old slutty little slut

– Do not worry, it was also for me to lock the door before going to shower, maybe I wanted to be completely naked in these circumstances, by as handsome as you? What do you think, young man?

– Excuse me again Madam, I’ll leave you, I’ll come back when you’re done.

Well, I seem to intimidate this young man, I prefer to tell myself that he is prude rather than to imagine that I do not like him. But considering the lump that formed in the top of his pants, I think in the end that he did not want to risk “to make a mistake”, say that like that.

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