She jiggles under the electrical effect of the passage of the tongue

She jiggles under the electrical effect of the passage of the tongue

The high chest, well anchored on a bust of dreams, a fall of the kidneys to make you want to warm, it is what we can call “a nice little lot”.
He is a big fellow, a meter eighty of firm muscles, sporty, jovial, and above all in love with his companion.
So on this winter night, she serves dinner, and they discuss everything, anything. They talk about upcoming races, next weekend, spring break.
Louise eats, gets up for the kitchen, twirls here and there, and her little skirt turns, returns under the eyes of a Francis who begins to have another appetite, that of its bait to her, the hunger of her nice little ass. It must also be said that if she does nothing to tease him; the moving spectacle of her little body that seems to float before the eyes of her husband, this show is the most beautiful effect.
Her hands reach out, grab a wrist from Louise, pull her nimbly against him, and Francis searches for his wife’s lips. She responds fiercely, her mouth is opened, their tongues caress, are tutante in their palaces, queens of their tenderest kisses.
Louise loves that Francis kisses her, the years spent together have welded this love of a thousand little rites to which she takes infinite pleasure.
She pulls out of her embrace laughing, whispers to be less impatient and suggests that she go to the living room while she finishes serving the table.
She also tells him that she will bring the coffees they will take together. Of course, he runs with a broad smile, takes a tender look at the neckline that runs away slowly, drops his eyes on the silhouette of the woman he loves.
At the bottom of him, a soft heat is the tip of his nose, and he knows that the erection is looming on the horizon of his desires.
He goes to the living room, settles comfortably on the big sofa, lights the chain and lets himself be rocked by the soft slow that the host of the station has put on the turntable.
It is in this little happiness that Louise finds him a few minutes later, the tray of coffee in his hands.
She sits against him, enjoying her warmth and the cups are empty of the black beverage, with good music in the background.

Francis tightens the body of his companion and of course the temperature rises a little. His hands are wandering, they go on an expedition on this little piece of woman who loves a little more against him. She lets it go, knowing that they are going on a path that will take them to the stars, she loves to make love as well.
Over the minutes, kisses in caresses, they are totally naked, drunk with envy, drunk with tenderness.

Francis runs his lips over hidden places, usually invisible nooks. From the tip of her breasts to the fork of her thighs, he passes and repasses, surrounding him with his deepest affection.
He knows the very private places that gives him the troubled sensations of pleasure, which snatches sighs of well-being and he visits them with delight.
She feels little signs that he wants it. In the first place, he has an erection so visible that to hide it would be mission impossible. Then there are also her eyes laden with love who look at her from time to time when, with her neck thrown back she moans softly under the precise caresses of her enterprising language.

She leaves his hands spinning on the back of her husband, he goes on an adventure between her thighs soft, spreading without harshness, seeking the tip of the tongue the small hard spot of the clitoris. Stretched on her, his penis is at the height of her mouth to her and of course she can not resist the desire to open it, while he just found the target he hoped.
With two fingers he uncorked the little red spike and caress oral is more precise. She jiggles under the electrical effect of the passage of the tongue and pushes more into her mouth the flesh so swollen flesh that her jaws are distended.

In the play their love music covers the more impersonal of the slow that accompanies them.
They love each other, wonderful ballet of hands, legs, bodies that evolve over their desires.
Just a subdued light to wave on sparsely illuminated walls, the moving shadows of their carnal communion.
In the sweetness of this evening, the phone slams into the night, shouting that surprises the two lovers.
Louise looks up at the lit window of the device that steals her pleasure, incredulous to hear this object so disturbing at this moment.
Francis instinctively grasped the handset and: “Hello”.

At the other end, a soft male voice said to him:
– Hello, I’m disturbing you.
Francis does not know what to say to the intruder.
The voice continues, sweet, but peremptory:
– Put the speaker on.
Francis does not react, it’s curious as atmosphere.

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