She wanted to shout with joy

She wanted to shout with joy

With each of our sexual relations, I enjoyed too quickly, my young wife always said to me “You have already finished while I am just beginning to savor”, “feraght!” or “It’s too small”, “Sghiwar bezaf” … I thought she got used to it until the day of the return from Europe. We took a vacation in a family camp near a beach in the west of the country where it is very hot, 42 degrees C. We had taken a tent in a square specially reserved for families and next door, there were places reserved for singles. When we arrived, all the seats were taken so they gave us a tent right next to the singles’ room. By depositing our bags and our belongings, I saw the eyes of my wife follow the approach of a young athletic guy and dressed in sports shorts which, despite being wide, showed a big bump at the place of his sex. My hot wife was hypnotized by this big cock, I knew she wanted it in her pussy because I have never been able to quench the thirst that lives there.

Since the first day, she has not missed any opportunity to attract this young black man from southern Algeria, I even met him, each time he came to talk with me and at the same time, how to say, sympathize with her. My wife every time he prepares a cup of tea or coffee? One day I took my camera and started it, I had it hidden under the chair in front of my tent? About 2 hours later I watch on the beach the content and I discover the complicity that there is between them by secret gestures (for fear of being seen by neighboring campers). The young black puts his two fingers on his shorts to trace the contours of his huge cock and my young wife is probably still very excited by this big cock within reach, she gives him a sign with two fingers that meant at 2 o’clock morning probably, it makes him another gesture of 4 fingers surely to say “I come at 4 o’clock in the morning”.

All night, he stays with me and we play dominoes in front of our tent, my wife served us lemonade, around 1am, I told him to be exhausted, so he left and I pretended to join the bed to sleep. My wife joined me a few minutes later, she pretended to touch me as every night to see if my sex was ready for a relationship but she changed her mind as soon as he was totally “dead”, she turned her back and made pretending to sleep? Around 4am, I see a hand coming from the ground open the lid of our tent? he had come down on his stomach so as not to be seen by the campers – he went to me but my wife said to him in the night: psst and he quickly understood in what direction he was going to find her in the dark. I saw him go straight on her; she received him by opening her beautiful white legs, I suppose she was not wearing panties, he remained glued to her, I saw him kissing her on the lips and neck.

She wanted to shout with joy, by her woman’s breath in heat. I saw him when he released his big black cock as big as a horse. He took it in his hand and directed it to the sex of my wife, I heard him moan with joy by the pleasure it gave him, the cries increased when he began the endless comings and goings to the sound of “splach “What did the vagina of my wife at each penetration, I realized that her vagina was totally wet to his great excitement.

He kissed her so in front of me that I looked into the night pretending to sleep, I heard my wife more than twice, he plowed and enjoyed it only an hour later, he left the tent in the same way he had returned. He came back several times during our stay at this campsite? This excited me and I wanted to make love to him right after he left the tent but I did not want her to think that I realized their ride. So I just masturbating each time thinking about her and the pleasure that this black southern gave him. It was in 1995 on a beach in western Algeria.

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