He found in a fold a small piece of lace

He found in a fold a small piece of lace

She did not imagine that that morning, the mayonnaise chicken sandwich that she was preparing would put Inspector Lachapelle on a track.
The young republican policeman, no longer waiting for the brave doctor to finish his snacks, burst into the office of the latter. The good doctor happy to see that his wife had not confused the chicken with a slice of liver (which he hated!)

And that she had stuffed the mayonnaise chicken (her favorite sauce) would bite into the bread when Lachapelle entered the room, failing to tear the door. The consequence was unexpected, under the surprise, Dubombois jumped loose his precious, which opened under the natural laws of gravity and centrifugal force, and, like all slices of bread covered with butter, it falls from top to bottom and systematically in contact with the soil on the surface covered with butter. That’s exactly what happened with the sandwich. But as it covered with mayonnaise and not butter, this is a variant. So the slice of bread slammed on the poor victim’s jacket.

This accident had a special effect. When the doctor removed the bread from the jacket, he found in a fold a small piece of lace. Carefully and his mayonnaise fat fingers, he tugged on it. The two men then discovered a lace panties which obviously was too small to be that of the victim. In addition, two letters seemed to be embroidered. It was easy to recognize a C and what could be an L.
Lachapelle tore the piece of tissue from the doctor’s hands, too happy to finally have a track. Deciding to exploit it to the maximum, he returned to the police station and put all his men on the spot.

The police officers combed Duponville’s office with no result, they also searched the apartments of the secretary, the cleaning lady despite her 120kg, even the young assistant spent there! After 3 days Lachapelle had nothing.

Tired and annoyed by this track that did not keep his promises, he decided to relax at the brothel of the city. The boss, Olga, too happy to have a lawyer in her office, offered her best daughter. The caresses of the girl of joy relaxed him, she was even happy to see that his caresses made him hard without it lavishing some pleasure. She could not help but suck him fiercely. The balls in one hand, she polished the policeman’s cock with his other hand, pressing the swollen glans on his tongue. She straightened that tail to slide his tongue on the testicles. She loved doing this because she felt the excitement of her clients. Lachapelle was very excited and her purses proved it by being well inflated and hard.

– Well my pig, have not you fucked since when? There are no girls in Paris?
– Yes, but they are too expensive for me! Plus my business here worries me? RAAAA yes! Swallow well!

The girl of joy had swallowed all his sex. Feeling his penis deep in the throat of the girl made him take off.

– You have a tail says so! Long and stiff, I wet nothing to suck! Drink me the pussy and fill me! If your tail fulfills its promise I open my washer gratis!

Taken in an intoxication of meaning, Lachapelle undertook to rid the young woman of her panties and take it. He could not stand it anymore, he had to taste his flower.
Suddenly he had a revelation, the lace panties of the girl of joy was made of the same lace that found on Duponville.

– Ho saperlipopette!
– Humm! I make you so effective? Wait for your?
– No, well, if it’s good! But your pants! where is she from ?
– My panties! So that’s what makes you hard! And I who pump you like crazy, you strip because my panties are lace! SALAUD!
– No you suck divinely well! But the lace of your pants is the same as that found on my murder victim. where is she from ?
– Ha! She comes from the shop “Au froufrou Affriolant”, asks Arriette. But I hope you’re rich, mine cost me the skin of the ass!
– Thank you, I’ll go tomorrow. Turn back that I slip between your buttocks!
– I prefer that my Wolf!

With these words, Lachapelle slipped her tongue between the little lips of the girl of joy. He explored every corner of this moist flower. By biting the swollen clit the girl writhed with pleasure. No longer holding Lachapelle straightened and pushed his cock between the petals and entered the depths of the belly of the girl. It expired a long cry of satisfaction while the policeman’s baton spread her thighs. The lashes of Lachapelle did dance the breasts, however small volume of the girl. Sex soaked with moisture, he decided to invite himself behind. The girl did not protest, he had no trouble forcing the entrance.

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