I take it off and face Julia

I take it off and face Julia

I smile at the perversity of this request. People around us now clearly know that I am naked under my kilt. We resume our walk. I appreciate the small wind rushing under my kilt and tickle my buttocks and my cock. I regularly walk in this outfit in the city even in winter so I find it nice to feel so, accessible and caressed by the fabric at every step.

– Prohibition to hold it. If the wind lifts your kilt, too bad for you.

Julia knows that this prohibition excites me a lot because it “legitimizes” any exhibitions of my ass. Huummm, I love it. We arrive in a zone a little more deserted.

– Give me your t-shirt

I take it off and face Julia. She took the opportunity to put a clip on each of my breasts. A delicious pain invades my chest but it will be much more violent just now when she removes them. I hope it will play a little with the chain that connects them so I do not get used to it too quickly.
I take a look and I see that the couple who was sitting on the bench followed us. Julia hangs a leash to my collar and trains after him.

Two women and a man grow up and turn around.
Julia smiles to encourage them to follow us; thing they do.

– I want you barefoot.

We walk a few more minutes, my kilt revealing my buttocks in the wake of the gales, the clamps pulled by the chain that connects them according to my movements remind me of their presence regularly. I leaned sometimes further forward to accentuate the effect of the clamps because I was getting too used to it. The little group is always following us.

Speaking to the spectators:

“Would any of you want to take off your kilt, please?

Without being asked, a beautiful brunette loosens the loop of my kilt falls on the ground. I am now completely naked. My strained sex very clearly reflects my level of excitement. As you understand, I am exhibitionism and amateur SM and so the pleasure is even greater when Julia makes me suffer in public.

We continue our walk. It excites me a lot but at the same time, I’m afraid of falling on a guard. After a few minutes, we plunge into the undergrowth, beckoning voyeurs to follow us.

– Put them on your head and spread your legs.

Julia is behind me and pulls the chain connecting the clamps of my breasts. With the other hand, she caresses me, generating in me a very shared feeling: To see her stop to no longer suffer but to deprive herself of her caresses or to make all this last. I moan and then it’s downright cries that sound when she removes the clamps of my breasts.
Julia gives a swift to a lady and another to one of the men.

– Please warm it up. I want to see his body blush.

The man stands behind me and begins to flog me. The lady stands in front of me, watching a little my reactions and then aims my chest for the first shots and then down on my thighs and my pubis.
I expose myself without flinching, indirectly guiding the lady to the parts of my body that I wish it hits.

– Thank you.

Julia lets me recover a little then asks me to place me under a big branch. She throws a rope over and ties my hands up. I have guessed what attaches me and the fear knots me a little stomach but the desire to suffer this suffering in front of this public makes me hard more.
I guessed right: It’s a long whip that Julia gets out of her bag.

She smiles at me then passes behind me.
Soon, the thong hits my right buttocks, wraps around my thigh and the wick comes bite the inside of my thigh. With a wrist, Julia brings back the whip. The leather slides on my skin accentuating the sensation left by the first shot and a beautiful red mark. Julia comes looking for my eyes in which she reads my desire to continue and the pleasure I take in this suffering. In his, I see that this mark is only the beginning of a series and that I will suffer again.
No part of my body escapes except my sex. I can not hold back my screams while trying not to attract people. I see that the public is not insensitive to the show because daring caresses are exchanged, bodies are pressed against each other.
I feel pain but at the same time the pain pushes me to enjoyment. Our eyes grow regularly and Julia reads my desires and the rise of pleasure. It guides her in the intensity and frequency of her blows without worrying about my screams.

When she sees that I have reached my limit, she asks me to be detached and put on my back on a trunk, both legs on both sides. Hands take the opportunity to browse the marks made on my body by the whip.
Julia lights candles and distributes them.

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