The girls ask me to come with them

The girls ask me to come with them

This is the first time I sleep in a tent. I had trouble sleeping. You do not have that kind of problem?
– We usually. But tonight, it’s true that there was noise, hi, hi, hi “(they all giggle).
– I hope I did not bother you.
It’s always the same girl who answers:
– Ben, your friend is a little, uh ?, expressive?
– She’s not really my friend, she’s more of a girlfriend.
– Yet you seem to hear well … (laughter girls).
– She’s a very nice girl. But that’s not my style.
– Ah, good ?! And what is your gender?

– I do not know ‘Maybe blondes with Belgian accent. (The girls are blond or chestnut and I thought I detected a slight Belgian accent).
They protest:
– Hey ! We do not have an accent!
– But who said I was talking about you?
The girls are laughing.

– Can one of you accompany me to the showers? I’m afraid of getting lost on the way. And then we could chat?
The least pretty of the three and the most talkative volunteer.
– Goodbye girls. And see you soon, I hope.

On the way I chat with Clara (that’s her name). I learn that his two friends were very troubled by the cries of the night. I make him understand that I am available. She tells me not to be interested because she just met a boy “very well” (sic).
We exchange our phones and we separate.
I hasten to leave my notebook to note the information on the 3 Belgians (they are Belgian as I thought).
– Clara: light brown. Already has a friend. Big. Baisable without more.
– Carine: long blond hair, gray-blue eyes, very very pretty. Student.
– Sylvie: Blonde, short hair. Not bad at all.
I complete the card of Coralie: Sodomy, do not like it. Very good suceuse, she swallows. Clitoral. Deserves a second service.

It is of course out of the question that I enter the stinking sanitary of the campsite. I get my scooter. Before going back to my studio, I go to the supermarket to buy some trinkets.
I find the same cashier as yesterday. She recognizes me.
– So, still engaged?
– Oh yes.
– Pity? You know, I’m always counting on you to introduce me to a friend. I’m alone, you agree that it can not last. I give him back my details that she had supposedly lost.
I finally go home to wash, shave, rest and nibble.

Around 11am, I call Sarah. She is going to entrust her son to a neighbor. We will be quiet for tonight. It promises. The appointment is made.

I have my free afternoon. I’m thinking of reiterating a recreational activity with Gaëlle. I’m about to call him when my phone rings.
It’s Clara, the Belgian bitch, who offers me to go to the beach with her 2 friends early aprem. They want to know me better. Well then ! My plan “cries of enjoyment” worked perfectly.
I accept with joy.
Swimming and sunbathing is not my thing. But you have to know how to make some sacrifices’

I have lunch in a cafe in the city center. I phone Coralie (what would I do without my cell phone?). I pretend a family reunion, I could not see her today. She’s disappointed. I take this opportunity to learn about his projects in the afternoon. Good luck, she does not go to the beach.
I also learn that a neighbor has made an aggressive remark “you should be ashamed miss! There are children in this campsite. Coralie imagines that it is the fact of having brought a boy in his tent which is reproached to him.

I then call Gaëlle. Unfortunately his only free moment is precisely when I have to see the Belgians. Damn, poop, shit. The choice is Cornelian. On one side there is a girl, on the other three. Too bad for Gaëlle.

At 3 pm, as planned, I find Carine, Sylvie and Clara.
Sylvie and Clara are in monokinis. They are crisp. Carine’s breasts are perfect, round and firm. Those of Sylvie seem a little miserable next door.

I do not like the sun, so I prefer to throw myself in the water right away. The girls join me.
I heckle with them, I push them. In the fray, I take the opportunity to fiddle. We laugh a lot. All this makes me hard hard.
And when it comes to getting out of the water, I’m stuck. The girls ask me to come with them.
– I can not. You put me in such a state that it would be indecent for me to go out like this. Wait until I calm down. I said, squatting in the water.
I try to be discreet enough so that other swimmers and tanners do not notice anything.
Sylvie is much less discreet! She is unleashed:
– We want to see! We want to see!
I tell them it’s up to them to move, I refuse to move.

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