He did not see his nymph slowly emerge

He did not see his nymph slowly emerge

The dream creature who bathed stiffened abruptly and turned his head toward him. She stared at him for a long moment and he hesitated between flight and daring. It was daring, sharpened by a powerful desire that prevailed over the gene. He walked to the water’s edge. The young woman had folded her arms over her chest and watched him do it without saying a word.

The man decided, not seeing her reproach his arrival, that he had to enter the water in his turn. He unfastened his bow and quiver, which he placed on the ground so that he could take off his clothes. His heart almost missed a beat when he realized that she had come close to him. He could see his perfect body in fullness and the words were missing to depict the beauty!

Without a word always, she put her hands soft and cold on the wrists of her voyeur. She climbed up her arms and began to unbutton her shirt, releasing her powerful, muscular torso. She caressed him for a moment, sketching a tender smile that paralyzed the other with happiness.

He came out of the mists of confusion when she attacked her stockings. He helped her in the release of her latest clothes with a hired host with great pain. The creature with the body of dick pressed against him, leaving him the joy of caressing her back while she massaged her buttocks. The desire rose more and more slowly, more and more urgent, while they were both unknown to one and the other. They kissed each other, first in a simple touch of lips before their tongues knotted into a passionate ballet.

Suddenly, the young woman withdrew from his grip and grabbed the inflated member of his partner with his lips. Pleasantly surprised he let it go, savoring the waves of well-being that ran through as the young woman chained light kissing and oral caresses. He was sure she was enjoying it as much as he did! He wanted to encourage him, but he was afraid his words would spoil the purity of the moment.

Breathing with despair, he pulled it away and laid it on the shore. The cold water came to death in faint wavelets on her boiling body and this sweet suffering drew an exclamation held to the young woman. The man positioned himself between his disjointed thighs, joining his body to hers by lying on her. She called out in a weak voice and he acceded to this desire. Slowly he penetrates her before beginning a slow come and go going accelerating under the rhythm of their jerky breaths and their happy sighs.

Nothing else existed for them but jouissance. The water, the soil, the trees, the song of the birds seemed to compose a distant universe from which they had cut themselves into their carnal union.

Suddenly the body of the young woman seemed to endow herself with a life of her own and was riddled with violent jolts. She closed her eyes and managed, abandoned to the supreme fire that was lightning her without releasing. Tears sprang from between her closed eyelids. His companion emanated by what he had managed to trigger at home felt himself leaving in his turn. He releases his seed in the bowels of the young lady at the height of pleasure. He gasped above her, unable to move. She opened her eyes again, drowning in her two eyes, similar to two sapphires. They stayed a long time as well.

Finally, the man lay on the side.

She turned to him and he took her hand. They savored each other’s eyes.
He felt his being go into the slumber of sleep. He gave way to his fatigue, carrying the image of this beauty in his dreams.

When he finally opened his eyes, the sun was falling on the horizon. He got up early, regretting the absence of the one who had taken him to paradise. In the place she had occupied lay a flower of white water lily. He seized it delicately and inhaled the perfume.
A little sad, he got dressed and went back to the woods. He did not see his nymph slowly emerge from the water to say goodbye to him in the language of the Gods.

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