He took her by the thighs and pulled her closer

He took her by the thighs and pulled her closer

Menara closed her eyes, fighting the part of herself that was trying to rebel. A part that did not support the idea of ​​being touched by anyone else, nor the idea that someone else could be a girl. Little by little this idea faded away and all that remained was caresses. She felt another pair of hands pass behind her, lift her hair and invite her to straighten up a little to be able to take off the nightgown. She found herself naked, being massaged gently by his man and the friend of the latter.

The voluptuousness of these touches aroused desire and a fire gradually grew in his lower abdomen. Envy broke out, grandiose, sublime and especially hungry. She judged that the time of gentleness had lasted long enough. She wanted more! Much more ! She opened her eyes, contemplating with contentment her lover and her lover.

Taking up the domineering voice she had before it began, she ordered:

– Now Margaux, you remove my panties and I want you to masturbate me, that you lick me.

The young student stiffened at these words but she complied. Before diving into her thighs, she glanced at Gaeldor. He was still leaning over Menara, kneading her breasts in a sublime way. Suddenly Menara felt a finger land on her clit. She let out a sigh of contentment. Gaeldor’s caresses became less tender. The idea that the vision he was able to irritate him, to see the wound delighted Menara as much as the pleasure that gave him the fingers of Margaux circles more or less quickly on his love button. It was a semblance of revenge!

– No ! Do not stop Margaux! Gaeldor, I want you to give me something to eat while waiting.

He turned to Margaux’s bags, wondering if he would find any cakes here.

– Fool! I’m talking about your sex!

He jumped and Menara opened his mouth to scold him when suddenly a hot wave overwhelmed her. Margaux had just put language in the service of enjoyment and she was doing it in a wonderful way. The heat was rising and the world seemed to shrink and expand under the rising waves of happiness. She did not know if it was Margaux’s technique or the situation, but she thought she was definitely coming soon.

Meanwhile, Gaeldor had removed his top, so as to be completely naked? Margaux had already asked her to take off her stockings when she warmed him up. He approached his cock half-turgid by the lips of his girlfriend. Menara felt a little frustrated that he was not more excited by the sight he had. She seized the stick of flesh. With the tip of her tongue, she applied to titillate her glans. She alternated her language games with periods of sucking supported and she felt harden harder and harder.

But the fellatio became more and more difficult to accomplish because of Margaux’s work. She abandoned Gaeldor’s sex and writhed violently, agitated with spasms. Her sight was troubled and she felt no more, ravaged by pleasure. Suddenly, his body finally relaxes and Margaux cunnilingus cunnilingus.

She gestured to Gaeldor to approach and Menara opened her mouth to protest: They had no right to do their handjob! She demanded not to have had enough! But before she could say anything, the student spoke:

– It’s up to you to take care of it. I’m going to take care of his chest!

He nodded, facing Menara. He took her by the thighs and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. He smiled at her and that simple gesture soothed him somewhat. Finally he took pleasure in this situation! He tightened his grip, pinching the flesh of the thighs a little but the young woman said nothing. A little violence never displeased him. She was not sado-maso but she appreciated the excitement of a slight pain. Then, without warning, he impaled himself in the cunt of Menara. She gave a groan of pleasure to both of them, as usual, because he never expressed his pleasure until he reached fullness. He began a slow back and forth. Too slow for Menara. She stirred the basin to make him understand and he accelerated the pace.

Margaux was lying next to her. She turned her head and began to kiss her full on the mouth. Menara retreated quickly. She could not accept this caress! No !
Margaux seemed disappointed, she returned to the breasts she eagerly licked.

Gaeldor accelerated the pace. He saw her sex come in and out of the vagina of Menara, every time he sank she moaned and, this, louder and louder. There was too much for one man and he felt his own pleasure coming up. Ride again and again! He wanted to see Menara scream. He had to give pleasure to this woman he loved. He wanted her to forget his fault.

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