This guy had something really huge

This guy had something really huge

Moments later, I was lying on a chair in André’s waiting room and my anxious mother gave me food and drink. I was doing a lot better, which was a relief for mom and with a smile Master Andrew offers me to go have fun with the games installed on his pc, the idea I liked and I gladly accepted. I started to play listening to Mom’s and her boss’s conversations about court records and clients, they were in a room next to my mother’s office, which serves as an archive. After a moment around 16:00, I heard mom say “Stop the kid is here.” I was very curious and I was discreetly spying on them and there I saw the hand of master André walk under the skirt of mom smiling and stroking her hair.

I was paralyzed but hyper excited, then they indulged in a long and deep kiss like real lovers, my mother whispers to Master André words that I could not hear and he was busy opening his shirt and kneading her breasts. My mother seems to like it and I hear her saying, “I’m going to relieve you quickly, we have to be careful, the kid is right next door.” and kneel before him, stroking his cock over his pants. Then she opens her fly and brings out a huge cock in front of her face, this view caused me shivers that I had never felt, I had an erection that hurt and I started to rub myself sex.

This guy had something really huge, I was a little jealous but very excited to see mom licking that cock with her tongue before introducing it to the bottom of her throat and start pumping. In hindsight, I must confess that until today, rarely have I seen a woman who pumps as well as porn professionals.

I had trouble admitting that mom is a real slut, but the way she did it was exceptional, it lasted about 7 or 8 minutes, she pumped licked her balls, caressed with her hands, put her between her breasts. Master André began to groan before saying, “That’s it, I’m coming.” and there mom opens her mouth wide, holds her tail and makes it empty in several squirts inside her mouth without wasting any drop. His cum was plentiful, consistent and, to my surprise, my mother slut swallowed everything in one sip.

Master André could barely stand up when my mother carefully licked the last droplets of sperm on her glans, I was in a state of drunkenness with sensations that I could not describe but still I held myself and I regained my place in front of the screen. Moments later, I heard the discussions again aloud, Master André came to talk to me before going out and then Mom joined me when she wanted to kiss me I moved my face but she insisted I I was disgusted with the smell of sperm from his breath.
She was talking to me about my health and the consultation of a doctor tomorrow morning while I was doing the mouth, she insisted to know what is wrong and there, I burst into tears and I told him that the I saw.

I was very moved and I blamed her for betraying my father, her reaction was very weird, she kept her calm and she told me
– You’re big now, you understand that it’s my life and that I’m free to do what I want with my body, as for your father he knows everything and I do not allow you to judge me and me to lack respect. It’s not you who will tell me how I live my sexuality. You should not have seen it.
“How dad knows you’re betraying him?
– This is not a betrayal, our life is one thing and our sexuality is another, we must not mix.

Then a dreadful silence settled, I had a bitter feeling to think that dad is a willing cuckold and then my mother broke this silence by telling me with a sweet smile.
– You know, I’m sorry if you’re shocked by what you saw but I do not want it to influence our relationship, I’ll always be your mom who loves you the most in the world, go get ready your father does not have to not delay.

A few minutes later, my father honked twice as every day, my mother locked the cabinet door asking me:
– You always tell your father what you saw, anyway it does not bother me, but do not count on me to do it.
We were getting into the car, I was scared to see Daddy kissing his mouth sucking a big dick a few moments ago, my mother told my father the story of my discomfort by looking at me in the rearview mirror. My father was showing signs of concern that tonight he will call a doctor who will come to the house to examine me.

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