All his attention was focused there

All his attention was focused there

At that moment she was definitely a woman and a mistress, but let herself be treated as the worst of sluts, allowing herself to be totally, remaining entirely submissive, and even continued to try to pump his cock with talent as he made her come and go. more and more quickly in her mouth, taking care not to go too far. Julie did not know how to do a blowjob deep throat, and until then Alexander had no desire to impose it. He did not really like, or at least did not feel the need, although he never practiced with his companions.

He gradually stopped imposing the pace, but let it pump again long delicious moments, during which she did her best to implement all he had asked him to learn about fellatio. He knew that she did not like what he had just done, namely to impose oral sex on him by holding her head, she found it degrading and humiliating, and doing so was like a test, she knew it well.

He had wanted to tell her how much she would be for her only a docile courtesan, a willing doll, whose holes would be entirely and for the first time accessible to all her desires.
Having literally withdrawn from his mouth, he asked her to turn around on all fours, buttocks well in the air, resting on the elbows, and not on the hands as she did at first .. Extremely aware of the turn of events, she was running: She had long mulled her thoughts before deciding to offer him the virginity he had left, and would try not to disappoint him, provided he was worthy of it to the end.

To his surprise Alexandre went to search a chest of drawers and took out a small new package from which he pulled out a blue dildo which seemed strange to him! It was actually a small silicone anal plug. She made no comment or comment, offered, buttocks in the air, more and more submissive, decidedly ready to cash in tonight? She closed her eyes and concentrated on getting ready to welcome from behind the second visitor of the evening; it would actually be the very first object with which it would penetrate ‘While she vainly tried to empty all these thoughts, Alex made run a little lubricant on his toy and then on his little hole.

All his attention was focused there. He spread the gel a little with the fingers, then began again as before to massage it with the tip of a finger, the major this time, becoming more and more insistent, until he managed to introduce the end of his phalanx.

He stayed a few seconds in this position, barely moving, before trying again to progress. It was easier for her to get back to her in this difficult way, partly because she allowed herself a little more and the finger chosen was finer, but also and above all because he had already taken the time to do well. lubricate it before. She too had found this intromission easier than the previous one, however she saw no more advantages’ Especially that, so positioned, she exposed to her lover quietly installed in the front row the entirety of his most intimate anatomy , and this in the most obscene way, without any possible control.

She must have been devilishly in love to give herself thus. And indeed, Alexander the matait without a hint of modesty, taking the opportunity to contemplate her very young pussy, perfectly shaved, just half-open and brilliant with lube, but also this finger that he put in his little hole so coveted that he had made it a real obsession. He loved his crotch, really.

He had already told her, and she had found it stupid, she who did not detect any beauty in this particular area, and had a hard time exposing herself completely naked, especially since she had to eliminate all his pubic hair to please him even more.

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