He had always known how to be clever

He had always known how to be clever

She was wrong then, but could not really suspect: Alexander was indeed determined to submit and sodomize tonight of his sex, but he had decided to do everything to enjoy as much as he, but for the moment he had to start slowly by dilating it, and knew it would take him a long time.

She came closer, a little resigned, and opened his lips against the tip of his penis still masked by his foreskin barely retracted. She kept her lips closed enough to free her nudge at the same time as she would take it in her mouth.

It pleased his companion enough, given the sounds he made, and the stiffness she felt from his body. She remained a moment like this, the lips tight enough tightly around the base of the glans, then sticking her tongue against him to titillate in small movements back and forth of his tongue against the brake and the opening of the meatus, in immediately obtaining a few drops of seminal, viscous and salty liquid, which she had learned to keep with Alexander, who did not like to see her drool when she sucked.

Alexander was a polite and respectful man, well educated; but he was also a particularly daring and determined lover, doing intimate all he knew he did not do in society. A lot of women, many of them young girls on campus, had been able to discover her sexual talents in ways or circumstances that were often rather daring. Some of them even had to suffer, not physically but morally.

However, he had always known how to be clever and this reputation had never really made noise: None of his former companions wanted to see spread his private life with him, let alone sexual escapades accomplished.

Alexander, a lover of foresight, had made without their knowledge and for many of them some compromising photos and especially videos. It was not perversity, though he did not hate to replay some of those parts of his legs in the air, but for the sake of caution that he had made these films, when he perceived in the attitude of his mistress a potential threat to him? He hoped to be able to buy their silence definitively.

Fortunately he had never had to use it to cash his peace. In fact, her companions had always been consenting to what they had done, and could not possibly wish to harm him when he had been, in many cases, the best lover they knew.
For Julie, things were different, because he felt real feelings for her, in addition to the deep physical desire that it aroused in him.

Nevertheless he had not departed from his old habits, and when he put his hands in the cup behind the head of his girlfriend, on all fours in front of him to suck him, making him understand that she should now be kissed by the mouth, faster and deeper, he could not help but take a quick glance, eyes satisfied, towards the lens of his digital camera, which filmed the whole scene from the top of a shelf at top of which it was well concealed, and this since the return of Julie from the bathroom.

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