Then had a little fun after comparing their measurements to that of his bandaged sex

Then had a little fun after comparing their measurements to that of his bandaged sex

Alexander, in full contemplation of his victory, progressed carefully, so that it is perfectly lubricated, satisfied to have been able to introduce with so much ease, and finally withdraw slowly, until leaving him only the end of his phalanx. She could not help expelling him, in a natural reflex. Alexander coated his middle finger again with his gel, but this time he did the same on his forefinger before applying this infernal couple and dripping on the hole to tame.

He had looked a lot on the internet before buying the plug he was about to put after, because he wanted at the beginning as thin as possible: A model for beginners, then had a little fun after comparing their measurements to that of his bandaged sex, and so had finally not chosen the smallest model.

As a result, it had a respectable size of several centimeters just before the narrower base, intended to maintain it once in place. If he wanted to be able to put it on him, it was imperative that he first prepare it manually. When she still felt his finger landing on her, Julie wondered what he was going to do with his dildo, but his attention was rapidly focused on the two fingers that appeared this time.

Serious things would begin now, she told herself. Moments before she had been proud to have accepted to be caught with the thumb of his man, but she shouted victory a little too quickly ‘Indeed, to admit two fingers in the same gesture proved much more difficult .

She forced herself to open up even more, determined to make every effort she could for her man tonight, and when he saw the opportunity she gave him he was a little more pressing and he pulled on her two first phalanges. Julie clenched her teeth so as not to roar too hard, clinging to the sheets, suddenly invaded by a rather unpleasant sensation: that of wanting to expel the fingers of Alexander who pulled her without the possibility.

He had relaxed the pressure a little, for fear of hurting him, but he changed his mind and quickly began to gently turn his hand on itself, in a vicious reciprocating movement, which was intended to allow him to progress further. However, the main thing had already been done and it had been finally with ease with a maid: He had managed to push the end of his first two phalanx.

He expressed his satisfaction, nicely, but it seemed to him that he spoke like a dog who would have worked well during his training exercise? For indeed it was precisely this: Dressage; he had to train her with skill, once she had agreed to accept the exercise, train her to be caught in the ass. Julie was a little distracted, she suddenly let go an expulsion reflex that ended this time with a throbbing pain when his sphincters contracted forcefully on digital appendages that his man did not let out.

He felt his pain at the sudden tension of his body, not seeing the tension in his face that she hid in the sheets, but took care not to take into account, decided he was to continue his education until end to get the gift she wanted to give him. She had to learn to control her spasms, and this was the hardest thing to do, so as not to inflict pain every time on the reflex contraction of the anal sphincters. He warned her that he was going to retire and asked him to do everything possible not to try to expel him as before, so as not to hug him again.

She did her best but failed, and a new, unpleasant spasm stirred her. Although he had withdrawn completely, she felt that he was still feeling almost as much as before. That was not a very good omen, she told herself, knowing too well the imposing measurements of the virility of her lover. At that moment, moreover, he bandaged with rare force, so much did these preliminaries excite him. More spirited than ever, he was restraining himself to stay calm. Catching the small dildo he had put on the sheets he spread the gel that was wearing and placed it on the hole just released.

He started to push him and asked Julie to open again, as she could do for his fingers. Although the texture was softer, it was more difficult to let himself be penetrated by his plug, too aware of what it would soon look like once it was in the ass. Alexander made some delicate attempts, then, feeling the situation tense a little decided to be more enterprising.

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