This time she could not hold back a scream

This time she could not hold back a scream

He pushed harder on the closed door of his girlfriend who was so lubricated that it allowed him to enter without her help, forcing his will against his little toy. This time she could not hold back a scream, whose tone betrayed a little bit of pain and anger at being taken so hard in her ass, and she had a spasm again, even stronger than before on the narrower base of silicone that prevented his expulsion. At that moment she was about to revolt, so much that birthday party for him turned to her torment.

When she was about to turn around to tell him of her firm decision to interrupt there this part of sado-masochism, she was submerged by a wave of soft heat coming from her crotch while still open and offered, in which Alexander had just dragged almost all of his sex, in a virile movement of male in heat.

As suddenly subjected to the grip that he would have exerted on her since her den by this sex swollen as ever, she let herself again totally do, arching and bowing further forward without any further solicitation on his part. She was bewitched, and all her reproaches and fears were now dissolving that she was completely possessed by her man in an incredible double penetration.

A drunkenness seized her when he slowly began to come and go so easily his big cock just below the dildo he had pressed so painfully just seconds earlier, and when he was very precisely at his G-spot, he stopped there almost, but not completely, starting a series of small round trips against him. She fears for a moment to feel bad so much it was invaded with pleasure. The presence, still strong, of the plug in his rectum, and the tension he provoked by keeping his anus barely deflower open, increased tenfold the sensations that the rubbing of the penis provoked on his lips and in his vagina.

This tension exerted on her vulva by the presence of these two inquisitors reverberated to the front, applying a little more than usual clitoris suddenly so sensitive against the sheath of the tail that kissed. Julie had not really paid attention to the subtle maneuvers that Alexander was performing against the very erogenous zone inside his lair, but when he returned to his G-spot after almost withdrawing, she had arched to the maximum, the ass up high and the chest on the bed, arms on both sides of her, ready to receive it completely.

Thus offered, the presence of the plug directed with much more precision and strength Alexander’s penis against this magical area, and Julie then turned into female heat, excited as ever. She had not even paid attention, but if his man could have taken it so easily, it was because it was wet as rarely ‘Being tamed by him had finally wildly excited.

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