Following the comings and goings of her romantic relationship

Following the comings and goings of her romantic relationship

I met Amelie in September, we had a friend in common in the class. I knew she had a more than tumultuous relationship with a guy of my age: The kind of things you face when you take a woman’s virginity. I also knew that Amélie attracted me: Legs of perfect length and curve, manikin size, matte skin, long brown hair and green eyes. I found her mouth a little wide, her teeth a little long and her chest a little light but it balanced maturity and madness in a surprising way for a girl of this age.

A conversation I had surprised between her and our friend, in which Amelie confessed to having envied me had flattered my ego. It was after that that I began to masturbate occasionally thinking about her. Quickly I learned to know her and felt the opening that was made (no pun intended). That said I could not go too far without knowing more about his relationship with his Jules: Even if the desire to kiss was strong I set myself as a rule never to interrupt a relationship too soon.

Then something new happened. Following the comings and goings of her romantic relationship, Amelie began to kindle me as well as reject me. If I was familiar with the first situation, especially through the many alcoholic evenings where I stomped my folk guitar and my cynicism destabilizing the safest girls of them, the second on the other hand awakened new feelings.

In hindsight I tell myself that it was a stupid reaction and a materialistic limit: There was a woman I was beginning to want, and I was no longer sure that she could want me. This generated a new obsession that could only end after sexual intercourse.

That’s how, from October to January, there was a war of fire and ice, sometimes changing from one day to another, our moments of flirtation between two courses giving way to evil looks. If this game could please me the first two weeks, it was not long to tire me. Finally, I decided, in early February, to show great sympathy towards his best friend and leave Amelie permanently aside. Our game stopped for two weeks.

Then, one Wednesday morning, Amélie kindly asked me if I could reread her syntheses of German or possibly help her to make new ones. I accepted with suspicion. After the end of the morning we headed for my car and went home, a few miles from high school. The atmosphere was rather relaxed, given the latest events. Then, when we arrived at her house and I parked, Amelie was seized with a gag.

I did not notice that in the 205 in front of me stood a guy about my age. And that he looked at me as if I had just hit him in the balls. After a moment of discomfort Amelia muttered, “It’s him … my ex …”. Not really knowing what to do but not enjoying the look of the guy, I decided to obey my instincts and kiss Amelie mouth. She seemed surprised but had no rejection. Seeing that that was not enough, she whispered to me to follow her. Seeing that we were leaving the vehicle, the guy burst into the air and disappeared.

We entered the house of Amelie’s parents, who must have been thirty years old. On the ground floor there was a kitchen / dining room and then a lounge. We sat at the kitchen table to work. After an hour and a half, we were done and after thanking me, she let me finish my beer while she went to shower. All that for this ? I was totally dumbfounded. I had proof that her relationship had ended, in this case badly, and I knew she would not resist me anymore.

I took my drink and went to finish it by watching Canal + in the living room. Ten minutes later, no more jet of water, I heard him slowly go down the stairs to observe what was happening.

“Dad, have you ever been home?”

I got up and stared at her staircase. She wore only a bathrobe and her wet hair was held by an elastic band. I walked towards her but she remained motionless. Climbing two steps, I placed my left hand on his pelvis and the other on his left hip before kissing him again. Then another. This time, however, she did not seem to want anymore.

“Stop, you know you want him, and me too, he’s gone, and you’ll never forget that much after fucking a good fuck.”

There was only a sigh and a new kiss. This time I took her fully in my arms and decided to make him enjoy a cunnilingus in the rules of art. Going down the two steps to go back to the kitchen, I put it on the wooden table.

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