He made him admit without difficulty his full manhood in this position

He made him admit without difficulty his full manhood in this position

Julie was then emptied, leached by the sensual tornado that had surprised her. It took him a few moments to land again, during which Alexander withdrew and removed his condom without her noticing. He planned to take advantage of this period of abandonment to get her to take it back in her mouth. Being guided, she sat up on her knees as he asked, and did not flinch when he stood in front of her. The vision that was then offered was like an electroshock while she was still a little in the clouds. Alexander was tending her big, unprotected, and swollen-looking curtain, gleaming with her masculine secretions that the condom had for a moment contained.

When she straightened her head to try to dodge this fellatio she had no desire to do, Alexander caught her by whispering sweetly to her “Come on my beautiful,” and closing his eyes to cut off any response on his part. She put her wounded pride aside and quickly complied with her demands, behaving all at once like the inexperienced girl she had thought to be at the beginning of the evening. It was also clear to her that she had nothing to gain by opposing him while he made love to her better than she thought possible, and had already enjoyed her twice without having yet said his last word. This thought aroused in her the worst of fears: Provided that he was not counting on her to go to the end in his mouth. What else could she do without disappointing him anyway? She approached his cock a bit viscous and took the fingertip of his right hand.

Opening her lips, she placed them on the end of the glans and sent him inside. She had to repress a top-le-c’ur at that moment, because this sex gave off rather marked animal smells, and she had anticipated the taste she would have. She controlled herself and kept it in the mouth, stimulating the glans of the tongue while she had swallowed a few extra inches. In fact, the sweet salty flavor she finally perceived objectively was not at all difficult to bear, and she began to make small alleys come on his penis.

She was still amazed at the ease with which he could have kissed her despite the dizzying diameter and the unusual length of her penis: he had to open his mouth wide to swallow the nude, and it seemed to him that he was already almost at the bottom of her throat, on the edge of where it would provoke her up-the-heart, when she could still keep her hand around the many centimeters that she had not admitted. His cock was phenomenal, she thought, rightly so despite his little experience?

Alexander perceived the fatigue that had gained a little in the way much less applied with which she sucked this second time. He was nonetheless satisfied: First of all, of course, the unique sensations that a woman could get from her language, even without real experience, but also and almost as much, to confirm at each successive stage the motivation of her new partner. to discover the sex as he understood it and to satisfy his fantasies, or more exactly to submit to it? She did not take pleasure in sucking it this time, though it had quite surprisingly excited her earlier in the evening, because she was too worried about the fact that he might want to cum in her mouth.

When the end of this second blowjob came, her relief was infinite, and she lay down as he showed it near the edge of the bed, her feet resting on the ground. She did not really understand the maneuver until it has, after unrolling along his stake another condom, a big cushion at the foot of the bed, on which he came to kneel, between her thighs that he made him dismiss generously enough. He did not give the slightest importance to the redness that once again whipped Julie’s cheeks, initially embarrassed at not really knowing what he wanted of her, and then being exposed to his gaze once he was placed between his legs.

It was worse when, approaching her, he plumped her thighs from underneath and made him rise very high, open, offered and shameless: Almost like a gynecologist’s table. He released his grip time to get back into it, then put his hands behind his thighs to keep them widely bent and spread, while he plunged far into the pussy soaked he had neglected a few minutes. Julie greeted with pleasure when he slipped into the narrow slit of her little lips, then reveling to still feel his massive glans browse and appropriate the depth of her sex, the depth of her sex.

He made him admit without difficulty his full manhood in this position or, even better than before, he was going to be able to contemplate her totally while he was kissing her. He did not want to be hypocritical, and did not hesitate to look at his cock nesting tight in his vulva open, withdrawing until the base of his penis is about to escape from this wet sleeve. He then slammed his partner’s thighs against his stomach, leaning quite firmly on them, holding his ass open, and plunged into her forcefully, snatching a small cry of surprise and pleasure mixed. He stood for a moment so deeply depressed, just moving his kidneys a little, annoying the hypersensitive cervix of his uterus and his point G.

Monitoring the face of his partner, he noted with joy his complete abandonment and accomplice and observed, below, his penetration. He retired again, before taking it again and again, with each time more force, until rushing with all his weight against her, making vibrate his whole body arriving at the end of each assault. Julie mewed again, with almost as much force as she received in the lower abdomen, surprising herself to get her foot by getting fucked like this.

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