He put me on the bed and out of sight dropped his pants

He put me on the bed and out of sight dropped his pants

He took a deep breath and said, “We let ourselves go a little too far, did not we,” I put my skirt back and I said “yes”. In my heart, I knew that I did not want to restrain myself.
He kissed me again and I stroked “accidentally” the lump in his pants.
We went back to the hotel almost in silence, He was still calm, kind and thoughtful for me. Not in the heavy style he had when we first met. Arrived near the hotel he asked me what I wanted to do. I hesitated for a moment then I told him “Follow me”. At that moment I saw Tom walk in the parking lot with a blonde woman. He saw me with David. I gave him a smile and leaned against David holding his hand. It was brief, but he understood what I meant. David noticed my ride but said nothing.

I quickly found David in my room. I greeted him by kissing her in a reserved way. I took off my jacket and went to sit on the couch. He joined me immediately. “I’m going to try to be more romantic than at our last meeting, I prefer that it’s something that lasts between us, not the business of one night.” We spent a long time kissing and fondling on the couch. He took off his shirt slowly, taking off my sweater. In short, everything slowly. I unhooked my belt and then my skirt. He stroked me with his powerful hands, he concentrated with his mouth on my breasts and his hand on my cock. I was really ready but he knelt in front of me and after removing my underpants over my stockings and boots, he was ready to take off my boots. I say “not yet” As you know I like to wear boots because they make me safer, more attractive but also safe.

He smiles and says “Always full of surprises, pleasant surprises.” He leaned over and started to lick my lips and clit while sliding a finger inside me. I was crazy about pleasure. He had not made me suck his member or even see him. He devastated me and tore out little cries of pleasure. After 2 or 3 minutes I felt the orgasm rise and I asked him to stop. He got up and carried me to the bed. I felt so feminine in his powerful arms.

He put me on the bed and out of sight dropped his pants. He lay down against me and we resumed our kisses. I put myself on the back and pulling him towards me said “now”. I was a little apprehensive but when he penetrated I was not as bad as the first time. He was going very slowly and let me get used to his thickness and length. Slowly he returned to me further and further. I felt my flesh move apart and stretch but the pleasure was so intense. When he touched the bottom of me I thought it was all in me, I looked down and saw that at least 10cm or 12 cm still exceeded. He took a cadence and kissed me slowly while licking my breasts and kissing me.

When he really started to pick up speed I was going crazy. My legs were wide apart and I was holding my boots to pull them back. I think I was shivering with every ram in me. I was surprised by a first small orgasm and then a second and another. I had never had repeated orgasms. I could not stop enjoying although I felt plow my flesh. Suddenly he sat up and groaned. His seed flooded me deep inside me. He slowly withdrew but my tight vagina was almost glued to his cock so thick. He waited a few seconds for my spasms to calm down and went to bed against me.

After cleaning and having recovered my mind, I began to caress his muscular body. My hand went over her belly and touched her tail again (or again) hard. I could not help but stroke it all the way down. He seemed to be ready for another round.
“You excite me so much,” he says. He caressed me a little but I felt he was impatient I did not think I could endure a second penetration after these orgasms. I got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. He hissed while watching my buttocks. I must say that I was still wearing a garter belt, stockings and my boots. I turned around with a smile and I went away rolling more ass. I came back with a small tube of lube. He looked at me in surprise, “Are you sure?”

I understood what he was thinking “No, I could never let you take me there, it will help because I am too sensitive now.”
He laughed at this mistake and told me to put me on the bed. He took the lubricant and slowly worked on my lips, my clit then in me. He also smeared his stiff member. All this by biting my breasts. I felt wet again myself.

I could not move for several minutes. I felt his seed flow out of me. Finally I got up to finish undressing. He was sleeping. So I put on a white satin chemise and went to sleep too.
In the early morning, he was gone but left me a word “Thank you for this fantastic night, we must see each other soon.”

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