I had put on a red turtleneck sweater

I had put on a red turtleneck sweater

At times, I almost enjoy but managed to think about ugly people that I crossed high school. Not nice but necessary. It lasted a good ten minutes until Amelie began screaming louder and closing her eyes in a final howl: First orgasm. Opening her eyes again, she asked me to lie down to climb over. Although I was not a fan, the idea that she did it pleased me a lot. I obeyed, and was surprised to see with ease that girl managed to guide my cock in his and move his pelvis to handle penetration.

Once used to it, I noticed her hair tied up and wanted something. Slowly, my left hand left his hip to go up and grab his hair. Then, shooting very lightly, I brought her back to me. Continuing to fiddle with my right hand, playing in particular between her clit and her little anus, I managed to make it come a second time.

This time she lay down completely on me and we spent a few minutes looking at each other, smiling, kissing each other. Then she turned her back, and I took the opportunity to tilt and fuck her from behind. Using my hands to play with her chest and her belly, I infiltrated her pussy and resumed where I stopped,
to enjoy all alone. It was divine.

After that our relationships got complicated, became random again. After obtaining the BAC and the evenings that entails, we however left on good terms. I will tell you another story that took place a few months later.

I went this week to another convention in the center of the USA. It is still rather cold and I appreciate these last weeks where I can still wear my winter clothes.
I was sitting in the big conference room of the hotel. I had put on a red turtleneck sweater, a long, narrow brown plaid skirt that wrapped around me, tied on the front with a big pin. I had a wide leather belt to hold the top. Of course I wore my brown boots with 7cm laminated heels.

In short my usual style but without being too obvious. What was my surprise when it was announced that David M. (see my story Jenna did not expect this) was going to make a presentation.
I felt rather uncomfortable in the conference room. I did not want him to see me because it could be embarrassing.
He began his speech and I tried not to look at him too much. Always the same, well dressed, well muscled and I did not dare to remember the rest.
Suddenly my phone vibrated.

I read a text from Tom (see my first two extramarital affairs). “Hi my beautiful, you seem to be bored” He was also in the room!
I replied “No it’s interesting”, I was a little embarrassed because I had not kept in touch after our second night together.
I was looking for him but he had to be behind me. When I turned back to the podium I noticed that David stared at me as he spoke.
He had seen me. He ends his presentation with polite applause. I immediately got up and followed the crowd coming out. I wanted to escape these two old lovers not to be tempted. It was Tom who caught me first. We went to a quiet place.

“It gives me pleasure to see you again.” I replied that it was the same for me. All of a sudden in the middle of this simple but tense conversation he says to me, “I have to leave you, I have an appointment with a … friend later … I hope the conference is going well for you. “I was stunned. He dared to tell me he had an affair with another woman. Why then reconnect with me? He left without me being able to answer. I did not intend to sleep with him, but he could easily convince me. I felt really disappointed and jealous. Why did not he want me? Was this other woman more beautiful, sexier? What?

In short I decided to take the air. There was no dinner planned for tonight and I could have a light meal in one of the hotel restaurants or in my room. So I took my brown leather jacket and left the hotel. It bordered a city park in which flows a river. So I decided to take one of the paths (luckily asphalted because even if my heels are not fine they are not the most practical boots).
After a few minutes of walking in the nature, I felt that I would not be calmed for a long time. I heard footsteps behind me. Then someone calls my name “Jenna?”, I turned around and saw that it was David. He approached me and kissed me on the cheek. “It’s nice to see you again, I thought we’d see each other sooner, I’ve been thinking about you since,” I did not know what to say. The evening spent with him had been both an explosion of sensations but also “painful”. He spoke again.

– You’re married, so I know it’s not easy. I must say that you left me a strong impression. Women like you are rare. Classy and sophisticated but sexy, sexy but not slutty. Sexual but not naughty.
– Thanks, that’s nice. I did not think you had that impression. I struggled to contain your … ardor.
He laughed for a moment.

– I’m sorry if I went a little hard, I should have thought that a sophisticated woman like you would have preferred a slower approach, more romantic.
– It could have helped but I’m not used to that much. On ardor.
We smiled while looking into each other’s eyes.

He knew what I was talking about. We resumed the ballad. He took me by the hand and his muscular arm embraced my waist. He made compliments on my outfit, which always makes me melt a little. He invited me to take a path that turned in the woods. I was a little afraid that someone would see us in this romantic walk. After a few minutes he asked me if I wanted to sit on a bench. As I approached he took me in his arms and kissed me slowly. Our tongues met and explored our mouths. I felt warm, weak in his muscular arms. I think that if he had pushed further I would not have resisted long, but it was too cold to have sex outside. We sat on the bench and continued our slow, sensual kisses. His hands caressed my knees. I did the same.

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