The touch of his hand on my bare skin

The touch of his hand on my bare skin

We drive a little while and the conversation begins. He explains that he is doing a tour of France of his friends hitchhiking. At one point I see a nice terrace on the side of the road. I offer him a drink. He accepts. At this time, there are not many people. We take cokes.

– Excuse me to tell you that, but you’re super nice!
– Thank you !
– You’re welcome. It must be super easy for you with the girls …
– With both …
– Do you mean with the boys, too?
– Yes.
– You’re right, beauty, it has no boundaries! Are you bi then?
– Yes !
– That’s me, too.

– That, I would have guessed well.
– Ah yes ? Frankly, do not you have a little preference between girls and guys?
– Yes, I feel more attracted to the guys than to the girls …
– It’s the same for me…

Suddenly, the conversation begins to have longer and longer whites. Not that we have nothing more to say to each other but I think we understood, both at the same time, what was happening. One feels attracted to each other, irresistibly, to the point of being upset.
Eyes planted in those of the other, we have long moments to say nothing more, the heart at the edge of the lips. We decide to leave again.

While driving, I observe it from the corner of my eye. He has long tapered legs, very tanned, hemmed with a fine blonde down. Her tan contrasts with the English green of her shorts. Superb! The side notch of his shorts reveals the bottom of a neon pink boxer … Aguichant! A bright pink t-shirt molds perfectly well. A long blonde hair discolored by the sun. A beautiful knife-faced face that is both hard and soft.

All of a sudden, he turns to me, stares at me, smiles at me with all his teeth and … puts his left hand on my right knee. I flinch, not too surprised finally. The touch of his hand on my bare skin – I’m in shorts, too – is very nice. I return his smile, marking my agreement to what is being prepared. It does not need more to begin to caress me inside the thigh. Caress learned, sweet. With the tips of his fingers, he sneaks under the leg of my shorts and goes back, goes back … He begins to play with the elastic of my bathing trunks, trying to slide his fingers underneath;

– Do you think it’s punished by the highway code? How many points are worth? He asks in a loud laugh.
– I do not know but what I know is that if it continues, I will have a lot of trouble to keep the straight line!

To see the hump that is now shorts and his eyes capsized, I tell myself that it is time to do something …
On the horizon, I can see a forest that I know well. Here is the solution! Towards the middle of the woods, a dry, dry alley sinks into the heart of the forest. I engage myself and look for a place to stop. At the pressure of his caresses on the fabric of my swimsuit, I see that he understood where I am coming from. It seems to suit him perfectly. After a while, the path widens and you can park easily with several vehicles. Besides, there is already one parked.

On foot, we take the first line that sinks deep into the forest. It’s not fifty meters that he grabbed me by the shoulders, slamming me against a tree, sticking his body against mine and looking for my mouth. Follows a fiery kiss. His hard body squeezes me against the tree trunk. I feel perfectly the hump of his erect penis that presses on mine. I slide my hands under his shirt and plows his back and the top of his buttocks. This stimulates him even more in his eagerness to kiss me.

– We’re going to look for a nice place …
– Wait, I think I have a better idea … You’ll see! He answers me.

We resume our journey, tenderly entwined and very eager for each other. His eyes sweep the wood and I see him then go to a huge oak tree that is not far from there …

– Help me, I’ll help you later. He told me.

I am quite surprised because he seems to want to climb this huge tree. Then, by making him the short ladder, pushing him on the buttocks, he manages to catch the first branches and to recover on them. Then he holds out his hand to help me climb. What a funny idea, but why not? We climb higher and higher in huge branches. It is quite easy and it is true that a tree of this size has relatively “comfortable” spaces at the junction of branches and trunk. We do not see much outside because the foliage is bushy.

That’s it ! He spotted the perfect place.
– When I was a kid, I was always in the trees. It stayed me. Undress me !

I walk my face, my tongue on her lower abdomen, on her fleece. It makes him shudder with satisfaction. Finally, shaving your balls is a very good idea. It makes them very soft to the touch and very pleasant to suck. He purrs downright pleasure when I gobble each ball with delight and I caress small licks. I see his cock that is flooding wet that begins to slide along his rod. From the tip of the tongue I get this precious liquid and comes to place on the tip of his penis. He flinches with his whole body.

– Go ahead, please, pump me, suck me thoroughly, he begs in a breath. It’s true that he seems totally focused on the pleasure that my caresses give him on his cock proudly erected to the sky … I will not make him suffer more, so I decide to seriously take care of him and especially his cock that is waiting for my mouth. I begin with the balls that I suck at length, then I slowly go up along his rod with the end of the lips, the tip of the tongue, while massaging his balls, I approach his glans, I linger for a long time on the brake of his foreskin … Whenever I annoy him with the tip of my tongue, it makes him jump as if he was receiving an electric shock, I walk his cock full of desire in my hair and finally I attack his dripping glans. I take it in the mouth slowly as if I sucked an ice cream, I suck, I compress, I slide … I feel it loses control and he always wants more to ecstasy .

He offers himself more and more to me, arching, pushing his member to my mouth … I stuff his rod deeper and deeper into my mouth, I feel it vibrate, I go out, I swallow again, I suck it. He comes out and starts to beat my cheeks with it. What a beautiful fragrant member! I swallow again and sucks furiously as if I wanted to enjoy it now in my mouth … I feel it on the brink of exploding but he takes it to make his pleasure last longer and again … I I especially have the idea of ​​enjoying together … So, slowly, I decrease the intensity of my oral caresses.

He understood the message and decided to reciprocate in his own way. He makes me advance a little on one of the big branches of the tree, asks me to spread the legs and to cling with the hands to the upper branch. So here I am transformed into capital X. He goes down a branch so that his mouth is at the height of my buttocks, since I turn his back. He begins to caress me everywhere, absolutely avoiding my bathing trunks, although all his caresses are close dangerously and inexorably. I close my eyes and savor his hands on my body. Now he focuses on my pants that has a hard time containing my cock, as it is tense desire. This guy really has the science of caresses and the art of raising desire. Touching the fingertips, light presses on the balls, the glans, the line … Sometimes the tips of his fingers slipped slightly under the elastic, without insisting.

He undoes the cord and slip my underwear at the bottom of my feet and get rid of it. I’m here, naked, buried in the vegetation of a huge tree, ten meters from the ground, offered to the caresses of a superb guy and this sensation is incredibly exciting. I hear some branches tear and suddenly, I feel on my skin the soft, very gentle caress of leaves that he walks everywhere on my body. Of course, he insists on my balls, my cock, the perineum, the inner thighs … It electrifies me completely and I ask only one thing is that he continues these caresses with both hands, violently, brutally … It had to be his idea because suddenly I feel his hand grabbing my cock, the balls and that knead me copiously … Her other hand comes to caress me the buttocks, the line, the perineum .

Then, his hands grabbed my ass furiously, spread my balls and I feel his face plunge into my stripe … I clearly feel his hot breath, then very quickly I feel his tongue that runs through me the furrow and approaching my rosette. To answer better and offer me his caress, I arch the kidneys, totally offered. I feel his tongue that, like a small glans nervous, hot and vibrating, annoys me the puck, it’s super good! I guessed, with the passion that it puts there, that it is a caress which it particularly likes to lavish … It pushes, of the end of its language as if it wanted to force the passage. His hands, from below, completely encompass my cock and my balls, like a slip. He stroked my rod in madness … too, too good! Soon I feel one of his fingers, covered with saliva, trying to penetrate me.

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